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This site is your resource for your next steps and important deadlines listed in sequential order to help you complete each task at just the right time as you prepare for arrival. We will send you monthly email reminders to keep you up to date on what you've yet to complete. 

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Check out the full list to-do's by month listed below ⬇️

如果你是一名在这个时间表开始后承诺加入RWU的学生, we recommend you navigate through each next step for the month(s) passed until you reach the current month. The very first checklist items you should complete is registering your course registration appointments and register for orientation in the May Checklist below!





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You'll need your RWU login credentials before you can log in and start working on most of the checklist items. Our Information Technology department has begun setting up your email account and self-service gateway access and you can expect to receive your login credentials within two weeks of submitting your deposit. 我们将通过电子邮件发送这些证书,并在邮件中发送一份硬拷贝.


RWU Google Apps

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Guide to Navigating RWU Logins

我们知道,当您完成清单项目时,您需要登录几个新系统. We want to make the process as easy as possible, so we've put together a guide with helpful links, login and password information, and tips!  

RWU Login Guide


We encourage you to join the Class of 2028 Instagram page (students) or Parents and families of RWU Admitted Students for fall 2024 Facebook group. 介绍你自己,认识其他忠诚的学生和家庭! 

Join the Official Class of 2028, Instagram Page!


TaskLocationDue Date
Sign in to RogerCentral (self-service gateway) and RWU Google Apps (student email) accounts RogerCentral 
RWU Google Apps 
Once you receive your login credentials
Register for Orientation Register for orientationThursday, May 23
Sign up for a Course Registration AppointmentFirst Year Students:

Non-Architecture Majors

Architecture majors

Transfer Students:
Transfer students will receive a link via email to meet and register with their completed transfer credit evaluation.
Complete your Academic Placement Assessments  View Academic Placement RequirementsOpens in April
Update your emergency/personal contact informationIn RogerCentral, click User Options > Emergency InformationThursday, May 23
完成住房申请(如果你住在校园里) through the Housing Self-Service portal in RogerCentral. In RogerCentral, Click Academics > Housing Self-ServiceOpens Friday, May 24th
开始填写新的学生健康和免疫表格 through the Health Services Patient Portal in RogerCentral. We also recommend scheduling an appointment now for a physical with your doctor before their calendars fill up with summer appointments.In RogerCentral, click Academics > Student Planning Menu > Health Services Patient PortalWednesday, July 3

Finalize your aid through the Financial Aid portal in RogerCentral.

  • 接受/拒绝直接贷款,并检查是否有遗漏的经济援助文件.
  • Visit studentaid.gov to complete your online loan entrance counseling (if you are taking our loans) and Master Promissory Note (MPN) (this is the legal document where you agree to the terms of the loan).
In RogerCentral, click Financial Information > FinancialDue before you attend your June orientation session
如果你是一个学生谁将要求学术或住宿住宿, register with Student Accessibility ServicesRegister with Student Accessibility ServicesFriday, June 28
Register with RWU Pre-Health 如果你正在考虑从事健康行业(医生, Veterinarian, Physician Assistant, etc.) Register hereFriday, June 28
Submit final spring semester grades 更新您的转学分评估(转学生)Submit Final Spring Semester GradesFriday, May 31
提交任何双录取大学成绩单以进行信用评估 (first-year students)Submit Dual Enrollment TranscriptsFriday, May 31
TaskLocationDue Date
Attend Orientation (if registered for June)Bristol, Rhode IslandJune
回顾你的秋季学期账单,并开始计划你的付款方式 through the RWU Student Account Center (issued early June) and finalize your financial aid (both in Roger Central). 财务援助顾问可以帮助你完成这个过程.In RogerCentral, click Financial Information > RWU Student Account Center > Login with RWU credentialsBills Issued Late June

Payment due Thursday, August 1
Complete the required health and immunization formsIn RogerCentral, click Academics > Student Planning Menu > Health Services Patient PortalWednesday, July 3
Finalize your Housing Selection Process. If you are living on campus, make sure you have completed of Phase 1 of the Housing Selection Process (Housing Application & Contract) and start on Phase 2 - Roommate Selection. In RogerCentral, Click Academics > Housing Self-ServiceWednesday, July 3
Submit any exam scores (such as AP, IB, etc) to be assessed for college credit.Submit exam scoresWednesday, July 3
Submit your official, final, high school transcript showing your graduation date. Submit final high school transcriptWednesday, July 3
Fill out the Student Veteran's Certification Worksheet if you are planning to use VA benefits.Complete the Student Veteran's Certification worksheetWednesday, July 3
Waive the University-provided health insurance Waive the University-Provided Health InsuranceThursday, August 18
TaskLocationDue Date

Make sure all May and June Checklist items are completed!

Finalize your payment options through the RWU Student Account Center (bills issued early June) and finalize your financial aid (both in Roger Central). 财务援助顾问可以帮助你完成这个过程.In RogerCentral, click Financial Information > RWU Student Account Center > Login with RWU credentialsThursday, August 1
(Optional) Phase 2 of the Housing Selection Process (if you are living on campus). Participate in First Year Housing Selection and select your room for the academic year,In RogerCentral, Click Academics > Housing Self-ServiceAvailable mid-July (optional)
Complete all Hawks Online Orientation Courses You will receive an email in July directly to your RWU email account when the courses are ready for you to complete this month.Before your arrival to campus


☑️ Start packing your bags!

☑️ If you didn’t attend Orientation in June, 参加8月迎新会(国际学生和其他适用的学生)

☑️通勤者,转学者和被批准的住宿学生, register your vehicle ahead of Campus Check-in

☑️ View your housing assignment and roommate information 

☑️ Campus Check-in for all New Students; residential, commuter, and transfer🏘️


☑️ Attend Fall Orientation after your arrival to campus 🍂

🎒 Academic Supplies ✏️ 

The following is a list of recommended academic supplies for students of all majors. 

  • Backpack/bag to carry books & supplies
  • Computer & accessories       
  • Remember, you can download Microsoft Office for FREE!  Microsoft Office downloading instructions here.  另外,请记住,在主大学图书馆一楼,打印是免费的.
  • Phone charger
  • 日历/日程表(打印或电子或两者都有-你的喜好)
  • 白板放在你的房间或桌面日历上,列出作业的截止日期
  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • 2 inch Binder with filler paper
  • Writing Utensils (pens, pencils, pencil sharpener)
  • White out
  • Highlighters
  • Scissors
  • Stapler & Staples
  • Scotch Tape
  • Paper clips
  • Index Cards
  • Sticky Notes (various sizes)
  • Calculator (if taking quantitative courses). 学生可能需要科学或专业根据专业. SECCM的学生应该有一个科学计算器,TI-82或更高. 
  • 建筑系学生:建筑工具包(更多信息)

📚 Books & other materials required by class
The faculty teaching your classes will let you know what is required/recommended on your syllabus.  Architecture students have been notified of the materials they will need through a list provided at orientation. 

It is a personal preference on whether you would like to order your books and other materials before classes start or wait to see what the faculty member suggest when classes start. 请看下面的几种方法,你可以找到所需的课程材料.

RWU Bookstore

  1. Go to the following web page, www.rwu.bncollege.com
    🗺️ Use this document as a handy guide to navigating the step below.
  2. Click on the Course Materials & Textbooks drop down tab
  3. Click on Find Course Materials
  4. You can select either Sign In or Search Now.
    ☑️ If you select Sign In, login with the RWU credentials (example: Jsmith1234@g.1331w.com, password is the same as your Roger Central). After signing in, you will be able to view a list specialized for your registered fall classes.
    ☑️ If you select Search Now, you will complete the information requested and select Retrieve Material .  Example Term: Fall 2022 > Department: CORE (or whatever subject you are searching for) > Course #: 105 > Section: 03

您还可以在RWU Bridges网站上找到有关您的书籍的信息:

  1. Visit 1331w.com.  At the very bottom of the page, click on “Bridges.”
  2. Log in to your Bridges account.
  3. You will see your courses in the top blue band. 如果讲师还没有发布他们的课程,您将看不到该课程. 有些教师可能直到开课前不久才公布他们的课程.
  4. If you can see the course, click on the name of the course
  5. 在课程页面的左侧,您将看到一个选项卡列表. 点击“书籍和用品”标签和/或“教学大纲”标签. Because instructors are able to customize the list of tabs, some instructors might remove some tabs.
  6. 如果老师张贴了一本书和材料清单和/或教学大纲, you will find that list in either place (on the “Books and Supplies” page or within the Syllabus document).
OfficeContact InfoTopics
Admission Office401-254-3500
Contact your counselor
Athletics Department401-254-3050
Sports, coach contact information, and schedules
Bursar Office401-254-3520
Billing and payments
Commuter Student Resources401-254-3042
Commuter Life, Resources, Transportation & Parking Info
Financial Aid Office401-254-3100
Aid and loan questions
Hawks Online Training Courses (Vector Solutions)

General Questions:
Jen Stanley (jstanley@1331w.com)
Hannah Ilagan (hilagan@1331w.com)

Technical issues:

General questions about the courses or technical issues
Health Services401-254-3156
Health insurance and immunization forms
Information Technology401-254-6363
Technology questions and support
Intercultural Center401-254-3121
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Student Programs, Leadership & Orientation401-254-3385
Orientation programs, Student Engagement with clubs, Organizations, Student Events, and Homecoming and Family Weekend
Registrar's Office401-254-3510
Transcripts, AP, IB, and dual enrollment courses
Residence Life & Housing



Housing assignments and Living Learning Communities


Center for Student Academic Success

Contact InfoTopics
Academic Placement AssessmentsAngela Raymond
Academic placement tests
Advising and Peer MentorshipElizabeth Niemeyer
Class Schedules and general advising
International Scholar and Student ServicesDmitry Satsuk
Immigration, transition, and advising support to students who identify as international students
Student Accessibility ServicesJody Goldstein
General support for students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, and medical conditions
Tutoring CenterKaren Bilotti



We have a collection of How-To Guides and Video's to help you navigate through completing your checklist items!


Guide to navigating the financial aid portal



How to navigate your Roger Central portal.




Accessing your bill, authorizing users, 并在RWU学生账户中心建立付款计划. 

How to navigate the RWU Financial Aid portal



下面是我们对新生笔记本电脑要求的链接, based on the program they are enrolling in.

RWU Computer Hardware Standards/Recommendations


Additional Laptop Requirements by Major (if applicable):

Communication, Graphic Design and Web Development 

Construction Management


我们很高兴你能在八月加入我们的RWU社区. Our hometown of Bristol, RI 到处都是迫不及待欢迎你的小企业! We wanted to share some of these local resources with you so that you are fully prepared to move to Bristol, RI this fall.

Local restaurants to try:

Where to get your caffeine fix:

Get your workout in:

​Grooming needs:

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As you progress through these next steps, 保持联系,随时联系本科招生办公室(admit@1331w.com or 401-254-3500) anytime! Engage on social through the 2028 Instagram Page and RWU的家长和家庭为2024年秋季Facebook页面录取了学生😀